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About Us

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how Jindal Buttons Works

Jindal buttons is a part of the S.R Jindal group, founded by late Mr. Shiv Ram Jindal in 1960 who was a true visionary and a great leader. Rich in culture, experience, history and character the Jindal group has always invested in latest technology and techniques of production to cater to the need of the hour. Shiv Ram Jindal group has many feathers on its crown, with companies like Jindal Poly Buttons, Hisar metal, United Decorative, Ravindra tubes, Ajay Polymers that command a very dominating position in their respective fields. Established in 1992 Jindal buttons has always focused on stake holder value maximization and the priority has been on providing best in quality products in the most sustainable manner. Pioneering the polyester button manufacturing technology from Italy, the company registers a gross annual capacity of 24 million gross buttons. We have an extensive portfolio of buttons made from different materials such as polyester, Corozo, Wood, coconut shell and different metals.

Six years post its inception, in 1998 Jindal buttons sustainably started producing the two primary raw materials ‘Unsaturated Polyester resin’ and ‘color pigments’ required for fabricating polyester buttons. Initially the idea was to self-cater however, post gaining 20 years of experience in producing UPR and pigments, in 2018 significant steps were taken to increase our production capacity and cater to the outside market. Jindal buttons was the first Indian Button manufacturer to mark a global presence as a supplier of buttons and garment accessories and compete with other global nominated suppliers. jindal buttons has proudly acquired the status of “The preferred supplier” by global brands like TCP, Target, Kohl’s, A&F, Polo, Walmart, Macy’s, H&M, C&A, M&S, Levis etc. Ranked amongst the best Button and trims suppliers in the world we at jindal buttons continue to strive for excellence, with the state-of-the-art production facility, technology; wide array of products and focus on sustainable production techniques.

About The Chairman/Managing Director, Mr. Neeraj Jindal

Mr. Neeraj Jindal

An accomplished leader and a 3-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Neeraj Jindal is a true visionary and a determined individual who has the foresight to lead Garment trims industry. Mr. Jindal is known for his deep sense of knowledge of the markets and the customers. As a vanguard of innovation in the Button industry Mr. jindal is on the path of fulling his vision of becoming the most preferred trims supplier globally. His focus has not only been on producing world class products and providing our stake holders with the best trim solutions but also to produce them sustainably. His vision for Jindal buttons is to produce Aesthetically best in quality products which are durable and recyclable. Mr. Jindal being the true harbinger of change saw an opportunity early on his career and successfully made Jindal buttons one of the biggest manufacturer of polyester buttons and garment accessories in the world, breaking the status quo and giving stiff competition to global nominated suppliers. With his indigenous methods of production and marketing he successfully established networks of direct marketing which at the time were a gamechanger.

Steel being the backbone of Mr. Jindal’s family business has led to him to take keen interest in the commodity, which steered him to set up the metal buttons and accessories manufacturing unit in 2012 to cater to the need of the market. Due to his firm belief in our prime ministers “Make in India Philosophy’ two years ago, Mr. Jindal thought of the furniture industry as a creative sector and his keen eye for exclusivity Led to the birth of a unique and distinctive luxury furniture venture which we today know as Racconti. Aesthetic beauty and Metal detailing are going to be the key facets that will differentiate Racconti from the rest. He aims and visions at bringing the attention of luxury homeowners from all around the world to India by, providing them with the best in quality high-end furniture solutions.

He strongly believes in providing cost effective and sustainable solutions by means of industrial innovation, empowered workforce and efficient management practices.

Empowering local communities through the ‘Udmi Ram Sarasvati Devi Jindal Charitable Trust’ stays at the Centre of Mr. Jindal’s Business Plans. Interventions like training, micro financing and livelihood generation, farming and poultry training, education financing, sports financing and environment conservation initiatives are a testimony of his commitments. Moreover, his love and passion for animals has led him to make significant contributions to animal care homes/ shelters.

Furthermore, Mr. Jindal is an avid sports fan and has always stayed true to his sportsman spirit. Sports like cricket and tennis intrigue him the most.

About CEO, Mr. S L Sonika


Mr. Sonika is a chartered Accountant and has 36 years of rich experience in project management, operations, strategy formulation, Finance, legal & admin. He has had a long and fortifying association with the Jindal group and has been at the forefront of activities since the inception of Jindal Buttons in 1992.

Mr. Sonika believes in constant accumulation and application of knowledge to achieve required results.

He started his career with the Jindal group back in 1985 and for a long time has been a pillar of strength and guidance. He was appointed as the CEO of the company in 2003. Prior to joining buttons, he was working with the Niraj Jindal Ispat Udyog Ltd, another Company in the S R Jindal group conglomerate, manufacturing steel tubes and pipes.

About COO, Mr. Rajkamal


Mr. Raj Kamal is the Chief Operating Officer at JPBL. Mr. Kamal Joined Jindal buttons in 2014 and since then been an integral part of the strategy formulation team, moreover, he has significantly contributed to the growth of the company.

In his present capacities, Mr. Kamal is responsible for operation Management, product innovation and development, process engineering, new plant setup and cost-effective automation.

Mr. Kamal being a mechanical engineer has had 24 years of considerable experience in the field of Automotive and the Garment trim industry. Prior to being part of S.R. Jindal group Mr. Kamal has worked with reputed organisations like The Uno Minda, Subros and the Hero group in varied capacities.

Mr. Kamal is an extremely hands on and a process-oriented man. In order to achieve organisational goals, he believes in creative solutions, Motivation and constant workforce skill development.



To become the most preferable supplier in the Global Market using our Dynamic and Innovative approach.


Mission and Core Values

  • To attain global best practices and become a leading supplier.
  • To be a partner in nation building and contributes towards India’s Economic Growth.
  • To encourage ideas, talent and value systems and become the employer of Choice.
  • To uphold the guiding principles of trust, integrity and transparency in all aspects of Interactions and dealings.
  • Adapt and customize the future trends while remaining commercially competitive.
  • Focus on community development and environment friendly actions.