Polyester buttons are the most widely used all over the world in the manufacture of industrially made clothing and they provide the perfect answer to different aesthetic and quality application needs. These buttons are made from a liquid unsaturated polyester resin, mixed with other chemicals to be transformed into sheets or rods. It can also be used to mimic other kind of buttons like wood, coconut, corozo, Pearl, Shell etc.

Sheet Casting button is made by a special centrifugal casting. Fully mixed Unsaturated Polyester Resin and other chemicals is poured into the rotating centrifugal drums (casting process). After sometime it will turn to be soft glue due to chemical reaction. Then cut into sheets. Put the sheets on punching machine to form different sizes of blanks. After the curing process, the state of punched blanks will turn into hard.

Sheet Casting buttons are producing by two types of Casting Drums: -

Undulation Drum:

Only Pearl Imitation buttons are casted by Undulation drums to show the undulation effect.

Plain Drum:

All types of Sheet buttons are casted by Plain Drum.

Rod Casting process of button making technology currently used by us is from Bonetti, Italy. Rod Buttons is poured by a W-shaped pipe. Pour the completely mixed Unsaturated Polyester resin, Pigments and other chemicals into the waxed aluminium tube (different sizes) through a special oscillator (casting process). When the resin become soft glue, pull out the resin stick from the aluminium tube (different sizes) and then cut it into slices (thickness wise). After the curing process, the state of sliced blanks will turn into hard.